November 28, 2008


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  1. allucinante :D come hai fatto la vocina da vecchio che sbuca fuori in loop?

  2. ah forse ho capito… hai processato la voce col 291…?

  3. what a great track. i really like the sample, and how it evolves throughout the track

  4. a very emotional tune you present today!
    loved the “vocals”

  5. thank you for the beautiful sounds

  6. blindoldfreak > modwheelmood

    just my opinion ^_^

  7. Hey Alessandro, when/where are we going to be able to download your music?

    I’m falling more and more in love with it, but I don’t know where to get it.

  8. Once again an awesome track, thank you.

  9. Vger? Totally dig it.

  10. A little different but still great!

  11. Really nice. I really wish you will exlpain how you build this track and the other.

  12. awesome!! can’t wait for a cd or somethin!

  13. wow, fucking wow!

  14. Subtly creepy, but cool. I like it!

  15. Sweet!

  16. This sounds stunning. While I’ve been impressed with pretty much all of the blindoldfreak stuff you’ve released, this one is definitely vying for place as my favourite.

  17. Nice post u have here :D Added to my RSS reader

  18. I just will never get tired of this music… f***ing beautiful.

  19. Is it true that you are leaving NIN?

  20. Falling Apart, where did you hear this rumor?

  21. Friend of a friend, who worked with Ally in the past.

  22. Orestes, i just checked nin.com :

    “The shows we have announced in 2009 and any more that may be announced will be a completely different approach with some different personnel and will likely be the last for the foreseeable future.”

    maybe i am right?

  23. Oh not this! Personnel means tour crew not band members.

  24. I’m a few days late on this, but I will say– it is always a good day when I find a Blindoldfreak update! This one is short but very haunting, and I do love it.

  25. time will tell!

  26. yummy

  27. Great job!

  28. love the track. see you in vegas!

  29. Love that track. It’s amazing.

  30. Man, this is amazing!



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