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Posted – February 13, 2009

Let’s see if i actually keep it up…

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  1. the_fragile says:

    I bet you can.. We all can..

    Is ‘2’ gonna be ready for your NY tour?

  2. admin says:

    there is no NY tour planned.

  3. the_fragile says:

    Duh.. “trip”.. not “tour”. Sorry ’bout it, my bad.

    *walks away in shame of not being able to read properly*

  4. guilty says:

    So long as you can still walk/drive/drink coffee while keeping your eyes glued on the 3G phone trying to “tweet” and avoid small dogs, fire hydrants, children, post, pillars, signs, cars and the occasional tree, you’ll be fine 🙂

    Oh and follow me if you’d like to, please and thank you 😉 The current background image / avatar may be very familiar to some of y’all hehehee 😉

    -g- : It is a little late right now to warn you that Twitter can become very addictive, yeah? oops 😉

  5. guilty says:

    couldn’t sleep cuz was up listening to this

    -g- : thanking julian @ concordia for letting me know this was up on the site!

  6. Rowan says:

    Thanks, guilty, for bringing this to our knowledge! I’d been checking the Concordia site every day but I sort of stopped because I figured it wasn’t happening, haha.

    Also – yay, glad you’re getting to grips with Twitter, Alessandro. Trust me, like guilty said, you’ll be addicted in no time.

  7. Frani California says:

    So I guess I’ll have to book a flight on Air Canada to see Modwheelmood/Blindoldfreak at KFLA. Not sure if the BF would be too thrilled about it. We never get any good concerts over here.

  8. Caroline says:

    Have fun twittering! It’s really ends up being one of the several routine things ppl do when they already have their cell phone in their hand 24/7 (so an add-on addiction). A few of the top tech blogs had really well written articles on twitter last week; it’s such a powerhouse.

    Regards, and have fun in my home city!

  9. the_fragile says:

    @ Guilty

    Thanks for the link! Tons of people are sending it to me today, but you were the first to let me know it was there!

    Very interesting conference. Ally would have made an awesome teacher! I learned a lot, and this world seems less.. um.. obscure now.

    I’m still more into visuals, but it gives me tons of ideas and that’s great.

  10. Theodora says:

    if I can keep up twittering with out an iphone I’m sure you’ll be able to manage.

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