The Beekeeper

Posted – March 4, 2012

I had a great time working on the music for this….great experience!

the beekeeper

Posted – November 17, 2011


my first encounter with a Buchla Music Easel

Posted – December 27, 2010

my first experience with a Buchla Music Easel from Alessandro Cortini on Vimeo.

more music in 2011…looking forward to sharing it with you!



Posted – April 11, 2010

back home…

Posted – September 28, 2009

back from England!

it was a pretty intense last couple of weeks, but fun nonetheless.

as you might have heard, i spent the last month playing keys for Muse: their keyboard player, Morgan, was having a baby and needed to take a break, so i was called in…it was great to be able to play with them and everyone was very cool.

I ended up playing a show in Paris (beautiful venue!), Berlin, NYC (for the VMAs) and a few TV shows (Taratata in france, and Jools Holland in the UK).

Jetlag is at an all time high…which is why i decided to get back to making music right away…this is what’s on the menu for the near future:

new modwheelmood

more blindoldfreak recordings: a new album should be ready and out by the end of the year.

for now, you can take a listen to a few of the first recordings i made on the 200e here


more updates, more regularly. ok, yes!



back to work.

Posted – June 14, 2009

back to work. from blindoldfreak on Vimeo.


Posted – February 20, 2009



my first recording , 1, is out digitally on iTunes and Amazon.

I hope you enjoy it.



Vorrei dedicare questo lavoro a mio nonno, Orazio.

grazie per esserti preso cura di me e della mia famiglia  e per essere stato sempre un punto di riferimento nella mia vita.

mi manchi.


March 10 show.

Posted – February 15, 2009

twitter updates.

Posted – February 13, 2009

Let’s see if i actually keep it up…

tour is over.

Posted – February 10, 2009

thanks to everybody who fought the cold and came to the shows….it was great to see you and i hope you enjoyed it.


I’d like to thank the wonderful artists and people i met during this trip: Hugues D’Amour, Frederic Filteau, Gabriel Duceppe and the Duceppe family, Zoe…Thank you for making me feel welcome and for making my stay in Canada pleasant.

I am looking forward to seeing you all again in the near future!




Ps. merch and cds are sold out.

more merch coming soon.

the CD will get its digital release in 10 days, on february 20.

“2” coming soon too!