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for those who asked:

-yes , Blindoldfreak “1” is coming out digitally and it’s available on CD in limited quantities at shows.To be exact, i made 100 unique copies.

There might be a second edition in the future, but i will most likely release new stuff first.

Regardless,It should be available on most digital stores by the end of February.

– I will be playing at the Knitting Factory LA in March, with CyrusRex

-I have t shirts and CDs for sale at the Canadian shows.

Anything that doesn’t sell by the end of this tour will be available at any other show i am gonna play(i.e. KFLA), while supplies last.

Slowly thinking about setting up a webstore, but it’ll take a while…


thanks to everybody who came to the shows and stopped by to say hi. You made my cold canadian days a lot more bearable!

3 shows left, then back to the sun….ooohhh.



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  1. Carrie says:

    I like the webstore idea. 😉

  2. Francesco says:

    ahah, ma quanto ti diverti? 😀

  3. Zooropa says:

    Ally is so precious. He’s like a piece of heaven.

  4. mila says:

    good luck!!!!
    i send you my best wishes form chile!

  5. heidi says:

    yeah canada’s cold. suck it up! 🙂

    see you in toronto!

  6. the_fragile says:

    It’s been our pleasure!
    I don’t like our cold winters here either. But in a way, I don’t want to let you go! hahaha
    You should move here and play for Canadians every night.

  7. Rowan says:

    ‘You should move here and play for Canadians every night.’

    PLEASE DON’T! If I’m gonna have to travel to see Alessandro live, it’d be preferable for it to be in a warm place. Like LA. Or Spain… hint hint.

  8. Yoshata says:

    Oooooh, an LA show…*investigates*

    I will for sure be purchasing “1”.

  9. Renita says:

    *chants her mantra* Come to Edmonton, Alessandro. Come to Edmonton, Alessandro. Come to Edmonton, Alessandro. Come to Edmonton, Alessandro. 😀

    The weather is nice here.

  10. Killaya says:

    Really, Canada in the winter? What possessed you?? Hehe. At least you get to go home to warmth. I’m so jealous of the Canadians (and the people in LA, now) who get to see you work your Buchla magic live. The Concordia webcast audio, as well as the video from other shows that I’ve seen, was absolutely beautiful.

  11. the_fragile says:

    Don’t worry Killaya. You’ll get your CD, then I’m sure he’ll carry his buchla somewhere close to where you live eventually.

  12. Danielle says:

    Aawww poor A. Thanks for trucking yourself over Canada for us! Even though I wasn’t able to go(to far away). You should come to Ohio PLEASE !!!! Well I hope your last three shows go well, stay safe and warm.

  13. sonic rage says:

    It’s too bad you’re not playing here Ally. Oh well. Maybe next time.

  14. Paola says:

    Ciao Alessandro! Met you at the Ottawa show…thank you for bringing a little of your sunshine to our February! Safe travels.

  15. the_fragile says:

    All my vidz have been uploaded in youtube (from Concordia and Quebec City). Click on my name above to reach my profile!
    More to come from the next show in Montreal!


  16. guilty says:

    In a way probably a good thing I am out West and was nowhere near Quebec City the other night, otherwise I would’ve given those loud asshats a wee bit of a shouty talking to, or at least gotten management to shut them the fuck up. >_<

    I’m so sorry that had happened. So glad marodi & the_fragile and many others were there to support your tour. The news about the possibility of a digital release is a very sweet one. Honestly? You may be running out of merch before you cross the border back to the US 🙂

    -g- : now how the hell can I get to California in march ?! 😉

  17. mysterious stranger says:

    after youre back please visit San Diego, Cali
    PLEASE! 🙂
    or the Coachella fest , PLEASEEEE!

  18. Disturbed says:

    You’re so far away
    And it isn’t the same
    Ravens are singing
    To the sound of your name
    I wish you were here
    There’s hurdles to climb
    The memories appear
    From a simpler time

    I would love to be friends
    The feeling never ends
    This celebration of you
    There are no words to express
    The magic and happiness
    My adoration of you

    You expressed your gratitude
    So I tried to make you see
    It wasn’t the least bit trivial
    And it meant the world to me
    I liked you the most
    The steps that I’ve taken
    You faded like a ghost
    And I felt forsaken

    Treasure the silence
    It’s not rocket science
    It’s you
    You’re my Italian king
    I would do anything
    For you

    If I only had foresight
    I could have had the chance
    If I could just get it right
    Could change the circumstance
    I’m a slave to fate
    And your relentless charm
    It’s never too late
    It couldn’t do any harm

    I haven’t been drinking
    I was only thinking
    Of you
    Sometimes I am filled with doubt
    Some things I can’t live without
    And you


  19. Theodora says:

    I’d say “Disturbed” is very disturbed! WTF?

  20. Stella says:

    Alessandro I wish you all the best with whatever you choose to do. What you do now is obviously your true calling and I hope you keep doing it for a long time.

    I’m not even going to ask you to come to Greece, because Greeks are morons and know shit about music. lolz

    We have a whole lot of sun though!

    Hopefully, a kind soul will be getting me a copy of your EP (thanks girl! <3).

    Take care and beware of the fangirls!

  21. Chris says:

    still waiting on that US east coast leg of the tour


  22. the_fragile says:

    Quote Stella <Hopefully, a kind soul will be getting me a copy of your EP (thanks girl!
    Stella. check your PMs on nin.com please.

  23. heather utah says:

    ooh wonderful things all around…beware of fangirls INDEED =P
    see you all at the mtl show!

  24. Jbfalek says:

    Come on North Carolina!

  25. guilty says:

    You will miss our Tim Horton’s coffee, no doubt 😉

  26. Rowan says:

    So the EP sold out at last night’s show, huh?

    What were you thinking, making only 100 copies!?

  27. Vanessa says:

    Alessandro, thank you SO MUCH for last night’s show (in Toronto). You don’t know how much fun I had coming to such a cool environment, seeing you play live and even getting a couple of minutes to talk and everything. It was just a wonderful experience in every way! I love the EP. The little unique photos in each one was a really neat idea and made it more special than it already was.
    Canada loves you! We’re so happy that you braved our disgusting winter. =)

  28. Heidi says:

    steph and i had a great night at the concert! thanks again for coming to canadia to share your music and braving the cold – winters are brutal here! it was nice meeting you, keep warm and take care… you’re almost back to sunshine and plus temperature! 🙂

  29. guilty says:

    re: web store

    nice 😀

    Since I didn’t end up procuring a physical copy of the ep for myself, I will definitely be downloading all of this.

    woot! 🙂


  30. the_fragile says:

    No more CDs????

    uh-oh… some people are gonna cry..
    ..and I’m gonna have to send a whole bunch of paypal money tomorrow…

    Know anything about the t-shirts Guilty?

  31. guilty says:

    > the_fragile February 7, 2009 1:44 am
    > Know anything about the t-shirts Guilty?

    No, hadn’t heard any word about t shirt sales online. Only about forthcoming availability and release dates of digital tracks.

    I am supposing if enough people ask about it here on the comments, it might be considered *cough* 😉

    -g- : really like “Everything Ends Here”‘; it’s my fave.


  32. the_fragile says:

    Awesome show tonight. Have a safe trip back to the sun, enjoy it for us who get to live in the snow for a few more months.

    Oh and… We’re NOT all snob in Quebec City!!! Alright?!?


  33. Tor Division says:

    I love people from Quebec. They’re so cool. Too bad I don’t speak French.

  34. orestes says:

    To catch the LA show or not. Oh life’s little complexities!

  35. Toy Division says:

    Do it! It’s worth it! You can get a unique copy & a t-shirt.

  36. Meryl says:

    Thought you might be interested:
    Take care!

  37. the_fragile says:

    Quoting Toy Division
    Unfortunately his cds are sold out, and he’s got about a dozen girly tees left, all small.
    And he gave me one!!

    Alessandro! Thanks again for coming in our cold country, and for the t-shirt you gave me!
    Come back to Quebec City someday, we’ll find you a better venue, and we’ll be careful not to act snobbish! 😉

  38. powderfinger says:

    Ally…I think it would be cool if you did a charity gig for the Australia fire victims. We’re having a fundraising drive at work.

  39. China_cat says:

    Congrats on selling all your CDs. I am kind of bummed I wasnt able to get one. I gave my friend The_Fragile money to pick one up for me since my passport wasnt ready in time to see your shows. When I think of places requiring you to have a passport , Canada isnt one of them that crosses my mind. Why they changed it is beyond me. Anywho, it was bad enough I missed your shows , then on top of that I lost out on a CD too. I hope you get lots of sunshine back home to make up for all the snow you had to deal with. Any chance you will announce more dates near or in Connecticut?
    Take care and warm up.

  40. Donnie says:


    I hope you read all these posts…. It’s gonna be hard for me to keep this concise, but I’ll try.

    I’m a HUGE, NIN fan… I was absolutely devastated when I found out you were leaving the band. Really torn up. For some reason I just thought you’d be there forever, and I guess I kind of took you for granted, haha….

    Fastfoward to today…. For some reason I only now thought to myself, “Hmmmm… I wonder what Cortini is up to?”, and I stumble upon this page and HOLY SHIT. Consider yourself +1 fan.

    It’s really incredible to see you doing your own thing, and I am eagerly anticipating any and all future Blindoldfreak releases. You really are amazing, dude. Best of luck to you!

    If you ever make it out to Nashville, TN (or anywhere close) for a show, I’m there! Haha…

  41. Kane says:

    Hi Alessandro,

    I just listened to ‘Wake Up’ about half an hour or so ago, and was incredibly inspired. I then went ahead and made the piece of electronic music I’m most proud of so far.

    Your work in Modwheelmood, NIN and now blindoldfreak is absolutely amazing. You are a continual source of encouragement and inspiration for me.

    Thank you, very, very much.

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